Arthur Fouray
zwanzigquadratmeter, Berlin, Germany

21.05 – 18.06.2017

Solo Exhibition


Arthur Fouray


Ascanio Cecco


A large international hotel…
...immense and baroque...
…with sumptuous but frigid decor
A stranger wanders from hall to hall...
...down endless corridors... search of a woman...
He tells her they met...
“last year...”
Try to remember
...that they had a passionate love affair...
...that she herself set the rendezvous...
...and that he’s going to take her away
But she claims she doesn’t know him
Impossible, I tell you. I have never been to Frederiksbad
He insists, but she protests even more
What room? I’ve never been to any bedroom with you
You won’t remember...
...because you’re afraid
And you don’t remember this photo either?
The young woman cedes ground
The stranger – serious, confident – gathers more and more proof
Who’s right? Who’s lying?
Is he a mere seducer? A madman?
Or has he just confused two faces?
What really happened “last year”?
You, the viewer, must answer these questions
Watch carefully object...
...a gesture...
...a decor...

Alain Resnais & Alain Robbe–Grillet

Text excerpt from the “SCREEN” artist book by Arthur Fouray, published by Tombolo Presses in 2017


000fff (Natural Vision) (IFP)
2017 (Berlin)
chroma key blue, wallpainting, aaafff (existenz)
aspect ratio: 1.85
Courtesy of Galerie Joy de Rouvre & Arthur Fouray

A Brief History of Curating
2017 (Berlin)
gouache, arches paper, cardboard
15cm x 21cm x 3cm
private collection

Genkins (Fluo)
2017 (Paris – Berlin)
acrylic, cotton duck, wooden frame
70cm x 60cm x 12cm
Courtesy of Galerie Joy de Rouvre & Arthur Fouray

aaafff (existenz)
2017 (Paris)
acrylic, blackout fabric, unknown
69cm x 15cm x 61cm
height: 15cm, 
Courtesy of Galerie Joy de Rouvre & Arthur Fouray


Éric Emery, Ascanio Cecco, Christophe de Rohan Chabot, Alfredo Aceto

Arthur Fouray

55 Boulevard de la Villette
75010, Paris, France

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