a + o -


Arthur Fouray
Nastassia Cougoulat Montel

A + O – is a collaborative curatorial practice observing objects as its curating subject. It aims to engage a conversation observing pop culture through the mix of objects, from leftovers to works of art to consumables. The study leads to select, extract, juxtapose, make use of the curated object. The research process consists of an onlooker attitude, spotting objects based on regular visual training. The selection then is the result of a careful validation process focused on appeal, heterogeneity, social signs and cultural idioms. Within “real-life” contexts of presentation, such as an exhibition context, objects can be presented and used as ready-mades, gestures, ingredients, representations.

a-plus-o-min.us is a showcase, a collection, a catalogue, a database connecting cross-cultural elements. It displays objects as “pack-shots”, disconnected from any “real-life” typology of situations. Objects are presented there with a “neutral” prism, like musical notes allowing to compose then. This approach, inspired by advertising and merchandising methods as well as methodologies inherited from the contemporary art world, engages critical thinking regarding the purposes and interconnectivity of consumerism.