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Curator collective

a + o - is a collective curatorial practice observing objects as its subject. Lead by Nastassia Cougoulat Montel & Arthur Fouray, a + o - merges research with their individual art practices and invites to other artists and thinkers. Here, the aim is to start a conversation to observe pop culture through the mix of objects, from leftovers to works of art to consumables .

The study leads to select, extract, juxtapose, make use of. The research attitude can be seen as an onlooker spotting objects on the basis of a regular visual training. The selection then is the result of a careful validation process focused on appeal, heterogeneity, social signs and cultural idioms. Within “real-life” contexts of presentation, such as an exhibition context, objects can be presented and used as ready-mades, gestures, ingredients, representations.

a-plus-o-min.us is a showcase, a collection, a catalogue, a database connecting cross-cultural elements. It displays objects as “pack-shots” pictures, disconnected from any “real-life” typology of situation. Objects are seen with a “neutral” prism, as musical notes allowing to then compose. This approach follows advertising and merchandising methods as well as those inherited from the contemporary art field, to engage a critical thinking regarding the purposes and interconnectivities of consumerism.

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