Arthur Fouray

Painting Series

#aaafff is a series of acrylic paintings containing objects. These canvases constitute a packaging, an envelope for objects contained within the frame of a painting. #aaafff corresponds to a HEX triplet color — a pale blue which links my initials A.F. to an existing colour code. The colour, chosen for its subjectivity, commonly names to the series. Each painted canvas presents a new reading of the #aaafff virtual color. All paintings display a specific shade of blue varying according to ambient lighting and to the screen you are looking at when painting. To suggest the formal impenetrability of the piece, the stretched canvas is made of blackout fabric, which occults all light from in- and outside.

The canvas does not externally suggests that it is a composite around an object. The format is not representative of the concealed object. In order to understand the piece, the ash blue colour tells the viewer they must search out of the blue, through the proportions of the painting, its title and label. The title — composed of the series title and the name of the object — allows to quickly decipher the piece. If you imagine the invisible object when looking at a #aaafff painting, it becomes a visual interface for the mind. The #aaafff series lead to a mental construction which acts as a rumor.

Arthur  Fouray
55 Boulevard de la Villette
75010, Paris, France

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