Painting Series
Grégoire Bolay
Philippe Decrauzat
Nicolas Degrange
Frédéric Gabioud
Pierre Huyghe
Nastassia Montel

#aaafff is a series of acrylic paintings containing objects. These canvases constitute a packaging, an envelope for objects contained within the frame of a painting.

#aaafff corresponds to a HEX triplet colour value: a pale blue which links the initials A.F. (cf. Arthur Fouray) to existing code. The tone, adopted for its subjectivity, gives its name to the series. Each painted canvas presents a new re-reading of the “#aaafff” virtual shade. All paintings display an equivalent and yet distinct tint of painted blue. Blackout fabric is stretched like a cotton or linen canvas to suggest the formal impenetrability of the paintings.

The painting does not externally insinuate that it is a composite around an object. The title of each painting associates the name of the series #aaafff to the name of the hidden object. This keyword organization allows deciphering the presented work quickly. The ash blue #aaafff colour warns the viewer to seek the meaning of the work through the proportions of the painting, its title and label.

The #aaafff series lead to a mental construction which acts as a rumour. If the viewer starts to envision the invisible object when looking at an #aaafff painting, the monochromatic surface then turns into a visual interface between what is hidden - the object - and the mind of the onlooker.