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DOCUMENTATIONS is a participatory media fighting against the conservative and hegemonic discourse that governs art today.

To expect the traditional frameworks of Western art will lead to the invention of tomorrow's forms and formats seems unlikely to us. To anticipate the next step, we offer a space for debate and sharing that goes beyond the boundaries imposed by the structures of contemporary art by joining the anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-capitalist movements.

When a large proportion of the agents of a system are loyal to the dominant order without even being ordered to do so, they contribute to reject any form of questioning the status quo. It is then urgent to experiment with spaces that will stand for a recomposition process of the art field.

DOCUMENTATIONS allows situations of enunciation. The highlighting of structural violence in the art field alongside the showcasing of revolt hotspots and the struggles that are being organized are our ways to address the inequalities and paradoxes inherent in this cultural milieu. We are thus seeking to trigger debates, which may potentially turn into actions, where propriety, hierarchies and power games weaken any radical thinking.

DOCUMENTATIONS is a home to multiple and diverse voices in terms of professions, formations, genders, sexualities, races, social or geographical backgrounds. It welcomes occasional speakers by giving them the possibility of writing under anonymity, pseudonymity, or in their own name.

In an area where self-censorship and abuse of power are real, persistent and very often blinded by their own mechanisms, DOCUMENTATIONS is a public platform intended to facilitate the liberation of speech and new debates of ideas.

Arthur  Fouray
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