La Nuit Juste avant les Forêts
Carlotta Bailly–Borg
Benjamin Husson
Matthew Lutz–Kinoy
Flora Moscovici
Rallou Panagiotou

Paris, France

Group Show

Corentin Canesson
Lucas Erin
Arthur Fouray
Eva Vaslamatzi

Press Release
When the night has come the city looks like a forest
a man is getting prepared
he puts on the Soir de Paris fragrance
to go out on the woods again
“Another hard day in the jungle
Another hard day in the zoo”

He is a dealer, a murderer, a brother, a sinner
he is totally a Koltès character
Across the city that he leaves in his wake
he is waiting for someone
his possible victim

The one that will show him immediately his true face,
that will reveal secrets, never told even to his closest friends
Someone that although had planned to go from point A to point B
changed his mind
and stopped in the middle to meet him

The world outside is cruel
just as the inside
and the forest–jungle–zoo looking city
seems now at the time of night/evening/dusk
just like the right place to be.

Eva Vaslamatzi

Paul Nicoué

Théo Carrere
Nicolas Fulconis
Jean Philip Lucas
Thibault Tavernier
Alexis Tolmatchev

Arthur Fouray

55 Boulevard de la Villette
75010, Paris, France

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